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many *Man ... buffers frustrating

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: many *Man ... buffers frustrating
Date: 15 Feb 2001 20:20:09 +0800
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I don't have a suggestion for a better way, but I would just like to
comment that after on has several man pages loaded into emacs, one
looks with dread upon the task of switching amongst them, each time
taking at least a C-x b * M a n SPC due to similarly starting buffer names:
  % *Man sitecopy*  24918  Man          
  % *Man slocate*    2689  Man          

Another route is "ESC x m a n RET" ("If a buffer already exists for
this man page, it will display immediately.")

[Indeed, one character shorter than the C-x b invocation! [And
one-stop shopping, just remember one command] but no buffer
name completion.]

Maybe allow an option for user configured man page buffer names: (setq
man-buffer-name-string "%s man page") in .emacs

which would chime in via a defvar in conjunction with a readjustment to:
         (bufname (concat "*Man " man-args "*"))
in man.el.
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