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colored citations but not for supercite citations

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: colored citations but not for supercite citations
Date: 18 Feb 2001 19:35:00 +0800
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[I probably should send this to a more specialized list, but no.]
Comrades, what color do you see below [in your favorite emacs based
reader system]?

jake46> Really? 175 foot?

For messages with standard ">" citations,
>   one sees
>>  real neat
>>> colors

But for citations made with emacs' highly touted "supercite" system, I
see not these colors, I see the "plain" color.  [Ok, in gnus, but this
is a great opportunity to check the behaviour of your current mail/news
reader too.]

By the way, when fixing this, kindly make sure
larry> talks with one color, and
bob> talks with a different color, but don't screw up and make
larry> with a third color, when he has already been asinged color 1 before
bob> butted in.....
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