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kill-sentence trailing whitespace intentions

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: kill-sentence trailing whitespace intentions
Date: 23 Feb 2001 08:46:12 +0800
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Consider this sentence.  And this sentence too.

Go the beginning of line and hit M-k (kill-sentence).

Now it looks like:
  And this sentence too.
But I expected it to look like:
And this sentence too.

That's because there needs to be an optional variable to eat some
whitespace or whatever.  Optional so that it won't break anything
else... OK, no big deal.  Wait: compromise: add something to the info
page saying this behaviour is intentional because the user surely
plans to add another sentence in the original's place, so we don't
want to labor the user to have to add the whitespace a second time.

Yup, add that note and I'll be happy.
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