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Re: feature request: ability to use occur within *Occur* buffer

From: Benjamin Rutt
Subject: Re: feature request: ability to use occur within *Occur* buffer
Date: 23 Feb 2001 14:41:56 -0700
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address@hidden (Bill Wohler) writes:

>   Consider the opposite. Let's say you created a new buffer for
>   operations like *Occur* if a buffer already existed, and for
>   consistency, you'd also have to do this for *Help*, *Messages*,
>   *Article*, *Group*, show+-inbox, *Recipients*, *compilation*,
>   *VC-log*, *vc*, *vc-diff*, *cvs-diff*, *cvs-info*, and so on, you
>   would have 100s of buffers inside a few minutes.

I don't think that having this feature for *Occur* buffers in any way
suggests that we have to do this for other buffers, "for consistency".
Besides, my original post outlined user customization techniques that
could turn this feature on and off, and acknowledged the expense of
managing the additional buffers.  There are times when I'll pay that
expense.  But I would never want additional *Messages* buffers!

>   Since you are refining your search and you're working in a
>   temporary buffer, keep-lines and delete-matching-lines are more
>   appropriate functions anyway.

That is a decent idea, but I still think M-x occur should be usable on
*Occur* buffers, regardless of there being many ways to solve the
problem.  Or, at least it should be acknowledged in the C-h f occur
help docs that it will not work correctly in *Occur* buffers,
something not at all obvious to a user.


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