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Re: Minor enhancements to Emacs packages

From: Ziemowit Laski
Subject: Re: Minor enhancements to Emacs packages
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 00:27:56 -0800

"Stefan Monnier " wrote:

> The gud.el that will come with Emacs-21.1 can use gud-<name>-command-name
> for all debuggers (in 20.7 it only allowed it for perldb and maybe
> some other).  This was done by sharing more code ;-)

Great!  Looks like someone more competent got to it first. :)

> I'll see about adding the "don't chdir" behavior for 21.2 (21.1 is
> in feature freeze, so it's too late).

Ok, thanks.

> As for the mouse stuff, I'm not qualified to decide whether it
> should be added or not (and I personally can't see why you'd want it).

Hm... I sort of think that the "mouse stuff" is *by far* the most useful :),
although I'd be curious to see what other Emacs users out there -- especially
those on Windows and MacOS -- think.  On those platforms, including the
forthcoming MacOS X, selecting a text with the mouse (or with the shift-arrow
commands) DOES NOT automatically copy it into the clipboard.

I guess the more "logical" place to put all of this would be in the cua-mode.el
package, but it would probably require much more ugly hacking.

Anyway, others' thoughts on this will be highly appreciated.


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