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dired needs a hide backups toggle

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: dired needs a hide backups toggle
Date: 24 Feb 2001 21:34:00 +0800
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Suggestion: dired should add a key to toggle hiding backup files.
Dired already has
* Hiding Subdirectories::     Making subdirectories visible or invisible.
But for folks with
  (setq kept-new-versions 5)            ;I'm an important guy
in their .emacs, it would be a help if one could also temporarily get
backups out of ones face.

Sure one could do (dired "~/*[^~]" nil) or something, but that can't
toggle back, and didn't get the dotfiles too...  Wait... (dired "~/"
"-alB") is correct [via^U M-x dired...]  Hmm, then that means there is
nothing more for me to complain about today.  Bummer.

Naw, I wanted a toggle feature, right?  OK, "s" in dired toggles
adding -t to the ls switches, so all an emacs maintainer has to do is
copy that function and make a new one with, say, "b", toggling showing

And no, I don't want to pollute "s" via ^U s B, nor replace standard
dired with a whiz-bang non official dired.
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