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Re: autoloading global-auto-revert-mode

From: Raymond Zeitler
Subject: Re: autoloading global-auto-revert-mode
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 14:23:10 -0500

Actually, I saw that post and modified my .emacs.  Much to my delight, it 
works in my EMacs 20.7.1 under NT.  The only require statement I have is: 
(require 'generic-x)

In article <m2d7c0e9o4.fsf@snail.nowhere.ch>, alex@gnu.org says...
> In GNU Emacs 20.7.1 (i686-pc-linux-gnu, X toolkit)
>  of Sat Jun 24 2000 on snail
> I just told a user on gnu.emacs.help how to use
> global-auto-revert-mode.  Unfortunately it is not autoloaded in Emacs
> 20.7.  That's why I had to tell him to add the following to his
> ~/.emacs:
> (require 'autorevert)
> (global-auto-revert-mode 1)
> I would prefer just 
> (global-auto-revert-mode 1)

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