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save-some-buffers' prompt needs fixing

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: save-some-buffers' prompt needs fixing
Date: 07 Mar 2001 11:16:05 +0800
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Compile mode prompts the user with:
Save file /tmp/v? (y, n, !, ., q, C-r or C-h)

However a C-h at this point reveals 10 choices, not just 7:
Type SPC or `y' to save the current buffer;
DEL or `n' to skip the current buffer;
RET or `q' to exit (skip all remaining buffers);
! to save all remaining buffers;
ESC or `q' to exit;
^R to display the current buffer;
or . (period) to save the current buffer and exit.

Please add to the prompt.  q is repeated; please consolidate.

"exit" is misleading.  You mean "don't write any more files, but
commence directly with the compilation command".

OK, the save-some-buffers output looks like it is speaking for the
whole M-x compile command... bad.

Therefore save-some-buffers should say "don't write any more files" at

If I were speaking for the compile command, I'd say "C-g to exit".

^R should be called C-r.

The following are not bugs, just uncomfortable:

We type C-r and see:
Type C-h for help, h for commands, q to quit.

We type C-h but this is just the main emacs help.
We type h and see:
The major mode is described first.
For minor modes, see following pages.

Fundamental mode:
Major mode not specialized for anything in particular....

only on the next page, gotten to by an uncomfortable:
Type C-x 4 b RET to restore the other window.  M-C-v to scroll the help

do we finally see we've been sent into view mode via recursive edit,
which should have been mentioned instead of only 'display current
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