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Re: adobe acrobat

From: Charles Sebold
Subject: Re: adobe acrobat
Date: 08 Mar 2001 07:41:00 -0600
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On 12 Adar 5761, Nida Rizwan Farid wrote:

> Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
> and the precise symptoms of the bug:
> I am having problems prinitng a pdf file using adobe it takes 20 to 30
> mins to print a file, that is if it does print out. sometimes it juts
> gets stuck. my other friends are having the same problems.

What does this have to do with Emacs?  Am I missing something?

(Of course, if this was a misplaced bug report, I suppose I will never
get an answer.)
Charles Sebold
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13th of Adar, 5761
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