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binary characters messed up recalling query-replace-regexp

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: binary characters messed up recalling query-replace-regexp
Date: 10 Mar 2001 04:20:57 +0800
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Embed some binary characters \240 in a file, copy and paste one into a
query-replace-regexp command... works. Then do repeat-complex-command:
doesn't work.

[placing cursor on top of \240 char] C-2 C-f escape w C-a escape x q u
e tab - tab return C-y return SPC return . C-x u C-a C-x escape escape
return [C-2: set-mark]

I think plain query-replace was also messed up.

regular expressions didn't work too:
(query-replace-regexp "\240 *" " " nil)

note: mule coding system chinese-big5: on

P.S. query-replace-regexp is on C-M-%, but that is inaccessible for
many users.  E.g. if I type C-h k ESC C-% I get
ESC C-5 runs the command digit-argument
If I type real M-C-% emacs never sees it as it is eaten at a higher
level somewhere.
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