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Re: modeline DOS upon rereading; *Messages* doesn't show the ones we wan

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: modeline DOS upon rereading; *Messages* doesn't show the ones we want
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 13:01:17 +0200

On 4 Mar 2001, Dan Jacobson wrote:

> I visited a DOS file [one with ^M's at the end of lines].  Then in
> another window I changed it with dos2unix.  Then back in the first
> window I reselected it from dired and it informed me the file had
> changed on disk, reread... yes... however, in the modeline was still
> the DOS label.

It turns out this is not so easy to fix, because there are situations
when users will want this behavior.  One example is when you visited
the file while forcing Emacs to use a specific coding system to decode
the file (with C-x RET c): in that case, you do NOT want Emacs to try
to fall back on its coding-guesswork when you revert the buffer.  You
want it to use the same coding system as the one it used before.

It's possible that this will be fixed in some future version, but not
in the next one.

For the specific problem you wanted to solve, you could simply do it
inside Emacs: type "C-x RET f undecided-unix RET", then save the
buffer.  No need for external programs or reverting.

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