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Re: submitting elisp to be included with emacs

From: thi
Subject: Re: submitting elisp to be included with emacs
Date: 12 Mar 2001 17:39:39 -0800

r <address@hidden> writes:

   i was wondering what is the current procedure for submitting
   elisp for consideration to be included into the emacs
   library?  i began the process over a year ago with a package,
   but due to personal circumstances i dropped the procedure --
   i would like to start again for my minor mode, if possible.

probably the best approach is to post the code or a link to it
to the address@hidden mailing list.  be sure to
include appropriate licensing information.

some people reading that list also maintain emacs.  if there is
sufficient interest, one of them will contact you to get all the
details worked out.  even if your code isn't selected for
inclusion in emacs, chances are good that if the code is usable,
it will develop a userbase.  further relationship development w/
that userbase is up to you.

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