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Sending mail gets "unknown extension (size 1048576)"

From: David M. Karr
Subject: Sending mail gets "unknown extension (size 1048576)"
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 06:58:29 GMT
User-agent: Gnus/5.0807 (Gnus v5.8.7) XEmacs/21.1 (Crater Lake)

I'm trying to set up this new environment.  I'm unable to send mail.  I
probably have something misconfigured, but the environment sure isn't helping
me figure out what I've done wrong.

When I press C-cC-c, I get the following in the message line:

   unknown extension (size 1048576)

Then the following stack trace:

Signaling: (error "Sending failed; SMTP protocol error")
  signal(error ("Sending failed; SMTP protocol error"))
  cerror("Sending failed; SMTP protocol error")
  apply(cerror "Sending failed; SMTP protocol error")
  error("Sending failed; SMTP protocol error")

The contents of the "*trace of SMTP session to mail.earthlink.net*" buffer:
220-snipe.prod.itd.earthlink.net ESMTP Sendmail EL-8_9_3_3/8.9.3; Tue, 13 Mar 
2001 22:50:30 -0800 (PST)
220-NO UCE.  Earthlink Network does not authorize the use of its computers
220 or network equipment to deliver unsolicited electronic mail.
EHLO wondark.earthlink.net
250-snipe.prod.itd.earthlink.net Hello evrtwa1-ar4-004-125.elnk.dsl.gtei.net 
[], pleased to meet you
250-SIZE 10485760
250 HELP
250 Only one transaction
250 Initial submission
MAIL FROM: <nil>
450 <nil>... Sender domain not compliant with RFC 822, section 6.2.7
221 snipe.prod.itd.earthlink.net closing connection

Process SMTP exited abnormally with code 256

Various possibly relevant variables:
smtpmail-local-domain:          "earthlink.net"
smtpmail-default-smtp-server:   "mail.earthlink.net"
smtpmail-smtp-server:           "mail.earthlink.net"
mail-host-address:              "earthlink.net"

Recent keystrokes:

RET C-c C-c q C-x b SPC * M C-g C-x b * M C-g C-x b 
SPC C-g C-x b * t r a c e RET C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p 
C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p 
C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-p C-x 
b * G RET C-n C-n C-n C-n C-n C-n C-n C-n C-n SPC q 
C-u 1 SPC M-x g n BS BS e m TAB BS BS r e p o TAB r 
t - e m TAB RET

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David M. Karr          ; Best Consulting
dmkarr@earthlink.net   ; Java/Unix/XML/C++/X ; BrainBench CJ12P (#12004)

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