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stty -icanon and -onlcr do not work in emacs-shell

From: Alexander Vigodner
Subject: stty -icanon and -onlcr do not work in emacs-shell
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 11:40:17 +0200

Hi, everybody
I got a problem with some application running into emacs-shell. Entering
deeply into the code I realized that the stty setting "-icanon" and
"-onlcr" do not work in emacs shell
in contrast to xterm. I did not find any reference to this bug.
Any suggestions?
emacsly yours
Alexander  Vigodner                    | E-mail: avigodner@bloomberg.com
Bloomberg  L.P., Financial Research    | Work:   972-3-6944202,
IBM house, 10th floor, 2 Weizmann St., | Fax:    972-3-6944225,
Tel Aviv, 61336, Israel                | Home:   972-9-8651680.

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