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Re: feature request for desktop.el

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: feature request for desktop.el
Date: 17 Mar 2001 14:44:53 -0800
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swift@alum.mit.edu (Matt Swift) writes:
> I would like to suggest a modification of the function `desktop-save' in
> desktop.el to supply a default directory of `desktop-dirname' rather than the
> value currently supplied by the "D" parameter to `interactive', which is
> `default-directory' for the current buffer.

  On a related note, and perhaps this is what Matt is addressing, it
  is really bothersome to be asked of the directory and worse to be
  forced to edit the directory. I would like desktop-save to *always*
  stash the the desktop in ~/.emacs.desktop *without question*. The
  current behavior could be evoked with an argument.

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