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Re: convince NTemacs it _can_ symlink

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: Re: convince NTemacs it _can_ symlink
Date: 20 Mar 2001 10:48:15 +0100
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Tom Roche:
   But the point of tramp is to make the 'platform' (the local host) less
   relevant (if not irrelevant). Why should it matter what Windows can or
   can't do, as long as it can run a session on a remote host?
Eli Zaretskii:
   I'm not against the change in principle.  What I'm saying is that such
   a change should consider all the possible uses of make-symbolic-link,
   and address them.

That's next to say that it should never be changed :-)

Seriously, though, if programs  test make-symbolic-link to check for the
ability  to create  symbolic links,  then that's  okay.   Only, symbolic
links can be made on some file systems, not on others.

For example, an Emacs running on a unix-like box can make symbolic links
on unix-like file systems, cannot make them on mounted vfat filesystems,
can make them on remote ange-ftp file systems if they run on a unix-like
box,  but not otherwise,  so tramp's  case is  not really  diferent from
cases we already have at hand.

The difference  proposed is that  no platform should ever  be considered
incapable  of ever  making symbolic  links, as  we can  alwys  work with
remote files, and that's correct in my opinion.

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