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Re: compile.el

From: Colin Walters
Subject: Re: compile.el
Date: 20 Mar 2001 13:16:47 -0500
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tobias.ringstrom@erv.ericsson.se (Tobias Ringstrom) writes:

> The emacs compile mode opens a new compile message window the first
> time you compile in a new frame, even if you already have a compile
> window in another frame.  This patch makes emacs open only one
> compile window.  The user can open more windows manually if needed.
> One example of when this patch is useful is to make it possible to
> have a dedicated compile message frame, not window.

In Emacs 21, there will be a new variable
`display-buffer-reuse-frames', which will take care of this in

(Note that I don't speak for the Emacs maintainers)

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