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Re: Mule-UCS and question marks instead of chars in the saved text

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Mule-UCS and question marks instead of chars in the saved text
Date: 24 Mar 2001 11:25:40 -0500
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>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Mikhailian 
>>>>> <mikhailian@altern.org@telenet-ops.be> writes:
> I use Emacs with Mule-UCS and I recently found out that emacs replaces
> characters that it can not display with question marks which *are saved*
> as question marks \x3F in the unicode text when I press C-x C-s.

Actually, if  a char  cannot be displayed,  it is  replaced by a  hollow box
rather than a question mark (and it only affects the display, not the actual
content of the buffer/file).  The question mark is introduced if Emacs can't
map the external char into any internal char (i.e. there is indeed a loss of

> This is so stupid that I fear that this is not emacs/Mule-UCS bug
> but me doing something wrong. 

Note  that Mule-UCS  is  not  part of  Emacs,  so you  want  to contact  its
author directly.  But  I don't think you're doing  anything wrong, it's just
a  limitation of  Mule-UCS, which  (I believe)  comes from  a  limitation of
Emacs-20's Mule.  I believe that  Emacs-21 will lift this limitation so that
it will be possible  to ensure that no information is lost  even in the case
where Emacs encounters an unknown char.


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