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Re: Format=flowed and Gnus (was: Multilevel colouring of quoted text...)

From: J.B. Moreno
Subject: Re: Format=flowed and Gnus (was: Multilevel colouring of quoted text...)
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 11:36:48 -0400
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Per Abrahamsen <address@hidden> wrote:

> address@hidden (J.B. Moreno) writes:
> > Yeah, I fired it up and noticed that it [auto-fill-mode] didn't handle
> > deletion's (didn't check to see what it does with additional
> > insertions).
> There is maniac.el which does this, but it is just sick.

Then someone should fix it, IMNSHO, this is a basic editor feature, I
wouldn't use an editor for anything but programming that didn't flow

Being able to give a command that recognizes the quote prefix and
rewraps a paragraph is fine, but I wouldn't want to give it everytime I
deleted or inserted a word.

> > Not necessarily -- if it's optional (i.e. the user knows to turn it off
> > when it's not appropriate) then there's no inherent reason why the
> > results should be bad.
> But it would be an option which make no visible difference for the
> user himself, and may have surprising effect on other people.  

You're probably right -- even if it was added (before the editor handled
it right), it couldn't be a default option and few (if any) people would
actually turn it on.

> > Like I said in another post, I'd recommend this to the people working on
> > the editor, but don't know which group that would be.
> That'd be gnu.emacs.bug, but a real flowed text display mode is needed
> anyway to support the common text format on Win32 and MacOS.

(Thanks, I've crossposted this there)

I'd say it's needed everywhere, and not just under Win32 or MacOS.

"Your depression will be added to my own" --  Marvin of Borg

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