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apropos-command meets long lines

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: apropos-command meets long lines
Date: 03 Apr 2001 20:11:36 +0800
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Did anybody check the output of C-h a (apropos-command) lately, say in the
case of C-h a c o d i n g return
I think the designer never expected to encounter such long lines
making it rather hard to read, even on my 95 character wide emacs
windows.  One isn't sure where one entry begins and ends:

, C-x RET k
  Command: Set coding system for keyboard input to CODING-SYSTEM.
set-next-selection-coding-system menu-bar mule set-various-coding-system 
set-next-selection-coding-system, C-x RET X
  Command: Make CODING-SYSTEM used for the next communication with other X 
set-selection-coding-system   menu-bar mule set-various-coding-system 
set-selection-coding-system, C-x RET x
  Command: Make CODING-SYSTEM used for communicating with other X clients .
set-terminal-coding-system    menu-bar mule set-various-coding-system 
set-terminal-coding-system, C-x RET t
  Command: Set coding system of your terminal to CODING-SYSTEM.
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