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Windows 98 hang on IBM Aptiva 590

From: Craig_Bell
Subject: Windows 98 hang on IBM Aptiva 590
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 09:11:18 -0700


Windows Emacs is causing my system to hang.  The symptoms are simply that
after running fine for about two minutes, the whole system locks up, and I
ususally have to shut off power to reboot.  I have been thru the FAQs and
followed all the instructions for similar-sounding problems, such as
Antivirus software, but nothing that has been suggested helps.  Here's my

Windows 98 SE
GNU Emacs 20.7  (it did this with 20.6 also)
Aptiva model 590:  AMD 550, 96MB mem, 20GB drive, 2MB video, 200MHz front
side bus
Norton Antivirs (disabling it and other adjustments had no effect)
19" C92 monitor

Any ideas?  I run Emacs 20.3 on my much older Aptiva (Pentium 133MHz) with
no problems whatever.

Thanks for your help!
Craig Bell

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