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feature request: explain current mumbo-jumbo in mode line

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: feature request: explain current mumbo-jumbo in mode line
Date: 07 Apr 2001 04:54:34 +0800
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In Info File: emacs, Node: Mode Line, there is a lengthy discussion:

     CS states the coding system used for the file you are editing.  A
  dash indicates the default state of affairs: no code conversion, except
  for end-of-line translation if the file contents call for that.  `='
  means no conversion whatsoever.  Nontrivial code conversions are...

How's about doing like Debian's deselect command, offering a "verbose"
command for its "EIOM" settings, that would kindly explain what the
current set of cryptic letters mean, say in a *Help* window:

So while yes, one could be environmentally conscious, and look up in
various places the meanings of all those ASCII packed into the left
corner of the modeline, it sure would be nice to have a function to
produce "Meaning of current modeline ".............""  and then goes
character by character/item to item over the line and explains each
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