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NT-emacs current-time-zone

From: Cheng-Wei Wu
Subject: NT-emacs current-time-zone
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 11:33:32 -0500

I am running GNU emasc 20.7.1 on MS window 2000 (binary version obtained
from GNU ftp site: emacs-20.7-bin-i386.tar.gz).

The built-in function `current-time-zone' seems giving incorrect result.  I
am in Wisconsin (CST/CDT) and after April 1, 2001 (when the daylight savings
start at 2am, April 1, 2001), it still gives CST rather than CDT.  The
window 2000 system is setup to use Central Time zone with automatically
adjust clock for daylight saving changes.

On April 2, 2001, my window 2000 system was already switched to CDT:

(current-time-zone) gives result of "(-21600 "Central Standard Time)" rather
then the expected "(-18000 "Central Daylight Time")". 

Debug info:

(setq t0 (current-time))
(15048 58421 736000)

(setq t0-zone (current-time-zone t0))
(-21600 "Central Standard Time")

(setq t1 (calendar-next-time-zone-transition t0))
(15056 . 6784)    >>>>> This means April 8, 2001 is the next time change.
So it expects to switch to CDT on April 8, 2001?

Wait until it past April 8, 2001, then it showed the time in  CDT:

(-18000 "Central Daylight Time")

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