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From: Harry Putnam
Subject: query-replace-regex
Date: 11 Apr 2001 08:34:15 -0700
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This may be more of a feature request than bug report.

When using M-x query-replace-regex.  I sometimes end up typing an
untoward `n' or `y' in the buffer.  Sometimes without noticing what
I've done.

This can happen if you process the buffer one hit at a time instead of
all at once with !.

There is no indication that you've reached the end of the hits, and the
cursor waits at a spot in the same way as when making a change.

In X the highlight turns off, but if you've been stepping thru a bunch
of changes, I find its really easy to type untoward `n/y's.  I think
emacs should beep like it does when you've reached the end of the
buffer in the echo area hitting left/right arrow.

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