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compile-goto-error but for gdb backtrace output

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: compile-goto-error but for gdb backtrace output
Date: 16 Apr 2001 11:12:24 +0800
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Looking at a gdb backtrace, in buffer *gud-some_file* 

#7  0x8048e3d in read_tm (x_and_y_pair=0xbffff894, the_island=0xbffff870, 
    one_line=0xbffff7ec "#comments have # at beginning\n") at funcs.c:225
#8  0x8048597 in main () at tm2pole.c:41

one wonders if one could put the cursor on line "#7" and hit some key
and be taken to that spot in that file, like in compile, grep, occur,
etc. etc,. modes.  This would be a nice addition to debugger mode.
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