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From: webmaster
Subject: Invitation
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 23:51:49 -0400


 Please excuse us To come to you uninvited. But the matter is
important to you and demands your immediate attention.


 The portal http://www.shrikhatushyamji.com takes you to  
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 The portal http://www.shrikhatushyamji.com provides help 
 and information for every aspect of your life.... be it
 children's  education, marriage, business and money,specific 
 councelling,special information,peace of mind,religion and 
 spirituality... just to name a few. The list is endless. 
 Your search ends here as this portal touches every colour 
 of spectrum of your life.

 Just log on to http://www.shrikhatushyamji.com and you will
 never be disappointed.

 Thanks & regards


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