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optionally discard typeahead input and mousestrokes for buffers beyond t

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: optionally discard typeahead input and mousestrokes for buffers beyond this
Date: 01 May 2001 10:24:18 +0800
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Say you are faster than emacs and you click your mouse several times
on a certain item, as is the habit when one gets no reaction from a
slightly misaimed mouse.  Well, those clicks are interpreted one by
one, as if you had the pointer on the same spot on each subsequent
page and clicked again... the equivalent of shooting into building
walls, you never know exactly what you will hit inside: one would end
up clicking on "agree" boxes before one has ever seen the contract, etc.

Seen in gnus, where accidental leaning on the space bar also sends a
lot of "OK" commands even before one has seen what the question was.

So maybe emacs needs an option to discard typeahead input queued
before one has got to the buffer or question it is meant for.  Well,
at least those dangerous mousestrokes that hit on the same position on
pages you haven't seen yet: hitting an unintentional "yes" box is more
probable than the safety net of having to type y e s.
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