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Calendar/diary should support ISO 8601 calendar style

From: Hannu Koivisto
Subject: Calendar/diary should support ISO 8601 calendar style
Date: 02 May 2001 14:41:14 +0300
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calendar-date-display-form, calendar-time-display-form and
diary-date-forms can be used to at least partially accommodate the
ISO 8601 time and date representation standard.  This doesn't
extend to special sexp diary entries, though: they support only the
default ordering of day, month and year and the European calendar
style one.  Of course, sexp entries are just that, sexps, and not
textual time/date representation in which case ISO 8601 might
apply, but I think the /ordering/ of day, month and year /from/ ISO
8601 or other representations than just the default and the
European ones should be accommodable.  In other words, I'm not
saying special sexp entries should support ISO 8601, because they
really can't, but they should be able to accommodate time, month
and year orderings from other representations than just the default
and European ones.

Just in case it isn't clear, with special sexp entries I'm
referring to the "special diary entries" (from the corresponding
node in the manual), i.e. predefined diary-anniversary, diary-block
and diary-cyclic functions.

In addition, it might be nice if there was a global or even just
calendar/diary wide single customization entry for enabling ISO
8601 time/date representation everywhere so that one wouldn't have
to customize all those *display-form and diary-date-forms variables
(plus possibly some future variable for those special sexp diary

I'm using Emacs 20.7 on Debian GNU/Linux x86 potato and sid.


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