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dired-diff ignores m marked files

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: dired-diff ignores m marked files
Date: 03 May 2001 04:57:54 +0800
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emacs> = runs the command dired-diff
emacs> Compare file at point with file FILE using `diff'.
emacs> FILE defaults to the file at the mark.

mmm, ok, but if you talk like that you might confuse users with
the kind of marks from

emacs> m runs the command dired-mark
emacs> Mark the current (or next ARG) files.

Which brings up the point: if I have an m marked file and I hit = on
another file, = should have some interaction with that m marked file,
just like it does with the set-mark marked file today.  Should it take
preference to the set-mark marked file is probably certain.  Should
the interaction be the same as when with set-mark marked files?  I
guess so.

The idea is that the usual concept of marking is with m in dired, and
it is odd that = is not hip to the scheme.

Of course blind heeding of my advice will force one to need to reset
their m marks just to do a quick diff.  I.e., I am reducing emacs'
functionality this way.  So maybe: bad.

And then there's the case where I've m marked several files and hit =
on a directory...
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