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Feature Request: display ambiguous completions immediately

From: TT
Subject: Feature Request: display ambiguous completions immediately
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 09:09:09 +0200 (CEST)


I think an option like show-all-if-ambiguous in bash or
autolist in tcsh would be useful for minibuffer file name

Currently, if I have two files called `emacs' and `emacs21'
in a directory and I want to complete on `em' then I have to
press <TAB> 3 times to get the completion list. If I use
<SPACE> then pressing it 2 times is enough, but it is still
tedious. I think one <TAB> should be enough to display the
completion list.

Since filename completion is one of the most frequently used
functions of emacs I think it would make sense to make it
more comfortable to use.

I this is not the proper forum for feature requests please
tell me where I should send it. I tried to raise this issue
before, but then no one paid attention (except for Kai
Gro├čjohann, thanks Kai). I don't know whether this request
is already on the emacs TODO list or not. In fact I don't
know if there is a publicly accessible TODO list for emacs
at all.



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