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compare-windows subsequent calls; diff-mode please put me on "!"

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: compare-windows subsequent calls; diff-mode please put me on "!"
Date: 05 May 2001 05:43:34 +0800
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compare-windows should do more than just sit there on its second and
following invocation.  It could be programmed to find the next
differing area like diff, skipping over the rest of the current
differing area.  As it stands the user must reposition the cursor in
each buffer before calling it again.  At least in the documentation
you could say you are aware of the inconvenience.

Now turning to diff-mode:
M-x diff, or = in dired calls diff -c:
           The buffer `*Diff*' has Compilation mode as its major mode, so you
        can use `C-x `' to visit successive changed locations in the two source

OK, but why doesn't it put the cursor right on the changed "!" or
added "+" lines, or "-" gap site, instead of at the beginning of the
context block?

Also "in the two source files" is actually "in the 'original' file",
as that is what is displayed on the screen along with the Diff buffer.
One would think one would want to edit the 'new' file, if
any... [that is how they are referred to when one invokes M-x

        Interactively the current buffer's file name is the default for NEW
        and a backup file for NEW is the default for OLD.

Try this: C-x C-f .emacs, then escape x d i f f return 
return return C-x `

Why would I want to edit that backup instead of .emacs?

Perhaps the developer was working in a different situation, but it
sure seems odd.

Also perhaps have a variable to control if diff-mode should
have 3 buffers on the screen as default: original, new, and diff.
Then it would more match the documentation... but I vote for just 
fixing the above and then readjusting the docs.
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