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you got M-right right, but you got ESC right wrong

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: you got M-right right, but you got ESC right wrong
Date: 18 May 2001 04:10:42 +0800
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Gentlemen, you have been highly unfair to the key sequences "ESC
right-arrow" and "ESC left-arrow".  Whereas you have duly bound
M-left          backward-word
M-right         forward-word
you forgot about their ESC equivalents.

By the way, might as well bind M-up and M-down to something useful
while you're at it.   Wait.  Even M-p isn't bound in the general case
so there is no M-f b n p... analogy to work from, so never mind. 

By the way
$ emacs -
Option `-' is ambiguous

Shouldn't it say
emacs: Option `-' is ambiguous
I mean you never know what kind of deeply nested batch invocation
error log you might need to check... So add $0 ...
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