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From: Deepak Goel
Subject: inf-lisp
Date: 21 May 2001 13:38:20 -0400

I first mailed this to the author but haven't received a reply
(perhaps the author's address is now outdated).

(i think i have an idea on how to modify run-lisp to do it, but i want
to first contact the maintainer(s) before going that path..


when i type run-lisp, it gives me an error because it does not find
'file-or-directory' lisp.

On my system, the way to run lisp is 
tap lisp; acl.

But  if i try (run-lisp "tap lisp; acl"), it still gives me an error
because of the way run-lisp parses its arguments--->
it breaks them up on the white-space. 

Was hoping you would consider making a change to run-lisp to correct
for this.

I have on my system the run-lisp that comes with emacs 20.3.1.


--Deepak, http://www.glue.umd.edu/~deego

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