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Re: compile-goto-error Help addition

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: compile-goto-error Help addition
Date: 27 May 2001 05:36:41 -0400
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Jacobson <jidanni@kimo.FiXcomTHiS.tw> writes:
> The *Help* info for compile-goto-error needs to mention more:
> |RET runs the command compile-goto-error
> |   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `compile'.
> |(compile-goto-error &optional ARGP)
> |
> |Visit the source for the error message point is on.
> Visit the source file for the error message point is on and put the
> cursor on that line [and character? e.g. ":676:42:" line 676, position
> 42, does emacs have this capability? HTML tidy -e [for emacs] can make
> this type of output].

Could explain exactly why you think this is necessary ?
It seems to me that "source for the error" is enough.
What kind of confusion can it create ?
[ BTW: yes, columns are supported just fine, with the caveat some
  compilers count TAB specially and others don't. ]


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