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Re: compile-goto-error Help addition

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: compile-goto-error Help addition
Date: 01 Jun 2001 10:22:17 +0800
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>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> writes:

Kevin> Dan Jacobson wrote:
>> The *Help* info for compile-goto-error needs to mention more:
>> |RET runs the command compile-goto-error
>> |   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `compile'.
>> |(compile-goto-error &optional ARGP)
>> |
>> |Visit the source for the error message point is on.
>> Visit the source file for the error message point is on and put the
>> cursor on that line [and character? e.g. ":676:42:" line 676, position
>> 42, does emacs have this capability? HTML tidy -e [for emacs] can make
>> this type of output].

Kevin> Yes. From `C-h v compilation-error-regexp-alist RET':

Kevin> Alist that specifies how to match errors in compiler output.
Kevin> Each elt has the form (REGEXP FILE-IDX LINE-IDX [COLUMN-IDX 
Kevin> If REGEXP matches, the FILE-IDX'th subexpression gives the file name, and
Kevin> the LINE-IDX'th subexpression gives the line number.  If COLUMN-IDX is
Kevin> given, the COLUMN-IDX'th subexpression gives the column number on that 
Kevin> If any FILE-FORMAT is given, each is a format string to produce a file 
name to
Kevin> try; %s in the string is replaced by the text matching the FILE-IDX'th
Kevin> subexpression.

Ok, I recommend they "make the format [more] public" with a note on the info
pages somewhere... or at least a mention that it can go to different
places on the same line, otherwise folks giving their software packages a
--emacs-style-error-numbers option might just assume all it can do is
like the output they see from M-x grep, line numbers only.
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