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add v (view) command to grep/compile mode

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: add v (view) command to grep/compile mode
Date: 06 Jun 2001 20:02:35 +0800
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Consider you are browsing the results of a M-x grep.  The main
keys for inspecting the results, C-x `, RET, Mouse-2, C-c C-c, all do
as find-file.  However, in my experience, 99% of the time I am just
looking at things, not wanting to change things (this is in contrast
to a M-x compile.)

Therefore kindly at least bind a "v" key to "View" the file on the
current line, like the RET key but opens a file read-only and in handy
View-mode.  [Else one thinks one is browsing the file and hits space
bar to page down and it ends up in the file.]
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