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Re: transpose words and two float numbers

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: transpose words and two float numbers
Date: 06 Jun 2001 15:29:59 -0400
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:
> An interesting case for transpose-sexps and transpose-words, and
> text such as "(1.22 , 3.44)".
> You put the cursor on the comma and invoke them and you get (1.3 ,
> 22.44), [seen in Text and C modes].  I wanted (3.44 , 1.22).  I

I think it's correct for transpose-word, but it's clearly wrong
for transpose-sexp.

> thought a float number was one sexp.  And how many sexps are in
> 3*1.2+3.4*a and does transpose-sexps treat it so?

Doing the right thing in such a case is on my todo list (some of it already
works in sml-mode).

> Wait, I'll make you a deal.  If in Info's "Lists and Sexps" you take:
>        Sexps typically include symbols, _numbers_, and string constants, as
>        well as anything contained in parentheses, brackets or braces.
> and add a policy statement about floating point numbers, I'll let it slide.

I'm not sure if we really want to document misfeatures.  Especially
since those misfeatures apply very differently from one major-mode
to another.


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