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Re: Minor bug in simultaneous editing check.

From: Alex Farran
Subject: Re: Minor bug in simultaneous editing check.
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 17:05:11 +0100

"Stefan Monnier " wrote:
> >>>>> "Alex" == Alex Farran <address@hidden> writes:
> > 1.  To create a backup, the latest version of foo.bar ( the only version as
> > far as emacs is concerned ) is renamed as foo.bar~
> > 2.  The latest foo.bar is is now version 2, so foo.bar.2 is now foo.bar.
> > 3.  Before saving, emacs checks the modification date of the foo.bar file on
> > the disk which, because it is version 2 and version 3 was opened to begin
> > with, won't match it.

>         Stefan

Discussion has moved to gnu.emacs.bug now, but to answer your questions 

> What is the exact warning you get ?

Can't quite remember, but its something like "file has changed on disk. Save

> Your explication sounds very credible, but looking at the code I can't
> figure out what is really happening.  From what I can see, the modtime
> check is done before doing the backup.

I think it may be done twice.  I don't have the code to hand so I can't check.

> Oh and what version of Emacs is that ?

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