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Re: add non damaging kill-line

From: Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
Subject: Re: add non damaging kill-line
Date: 11 Jun 2001 09:40:36 +0300

Dan Jacobson writes:

> If you come to think about it, telling people to use C-k in
> read-only buffers is very bad practice, as you are encouraging them to
> use a command that causes an error ["read-only buffer"] upon each
> invocation, and this is then supposed to be a "normal practice" with
> the visual bell etc. flashing at each use.

The errors can be disabled with the variable kill-read-only-ok,
which the Emacs 20.7 manual does not mention.  (Tried "s" in Info.)

> the reckless cop-out C-k C-y [why train the user cut an article
> out of the newspaper just to photocopy it, then paste it back,
> when he could just photocopy it in place, if it weren't such a
> finger twister.]


I have a brother who doesn't like Emacs.  He uses an editor that
has the cut, copy and paste functions accessible as "-+*" in the
number pad.  He never uses the copy key -- he just cuts and
pastes right back.  Now what do you make of that?

> [By the way, a C-k in a read-only buffer puts the cursor at the end of
> line, but in a read-write buffer, the cursor stays at the beginning of
> line.]

I don't see a conflict there.  In both cases, the cursor goes to
the end of the line (unless you set kill-whole-line); but if the
buffer is writable, the line has become empty.

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