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Re: Clisp+Emacs

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: Clisp+Emacs
Date: 13 Jun 2001 13:23:23 -0400
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> * In message <address@hidden>
> * On the subject of "Re: Clisp+Emacs"
> * Sent on Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:38:54 +0300
> * Honorable address@hidden (Eli Zaretskii) writes:
> (Btw, if clisp indeed chokes when it gets CR-LF instead of just LF,
> IMHO that's a bug in the Windows port of clisp: it should support the
> format of text native to the OS it runs on.)

Actually, CLISP has excellent I18N facilities.
It handles UNICODE as well as every other extant encoding.

It works just fine in windows console and it can read files with any EOF
conventions (UNIX, DOS or MAC) on any platform (e.g., DOS files on a

The problem does exist (and is generic on all platforms), and I hope to
address it, but it manifests itself only with "commands" (like "help" or
"step", which must not have any whitespace around them), not with CL

Sam Steingold (http://www.podval.org/~sds)
Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?

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