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Re: Emacs core dump

From: Cyprian Laskowski
Subject: Re: Emacs core dump
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 05:47:57 GMT

Well, I haven't had bad memory problems with other programs; sometimes
netscape crashes, but that seems to be a common problem.  However, I
don't use any other application anywhere near as intensively as emacs.

But I'd like to hypothesize that the problem is brought up by
something in my local elisp setup, since I've had it crashing on two
different operating systems with two different versions of emacs, in
roughly the same way and (if I recall correctly) beginning roughly at
the same time.  And I believe it's also crashed on me in this period
once on yet another machine with yet another version of Emacs (20.5),
however I don't use that machine much right now, so it's hard to


Concerning garbage collection, might it be a good idea to play with
M-x garbage-collect and gc-cons-threshold?



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