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view-lossage hardwired to 100 events, how 80's

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: view-lossage hardwired to 100 events, how 80's
Date: 16 Jun 2001 01:57:33 +0800
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Fellas, come on, why did you have to make this so ...hardwired.  I bet
this is left over from the 80's.  Where's mention of any customization
groovyness?  No optional variable that will give you more or less than
100 in case you are a special needs case, etc.?

(defun view-lossage ()
  "Display last 100 input keystrokes."
      (while (progn (move-to-column 50) (not (eobp)))
recent-keys is a built-in function.

Return vector of last 100 events, not counting those from keyboard macros.
by the way, on Help messages of built-in functions, there is no button
to click on to see the lisp code of course, but I'm wondering, if one
had a "full source distribution", could there be a button provided to
jump to see the C[?] source?
Regarding 100: well yes, it hasn't not been just right for me of
course, but one day, someone might have special needs...
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