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rot13-other-window again

From: Peter S Galbraith
Subject: rot13-other-window again
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 13:30:18 -0400

I read a post about rot13-other-window this morning and deleted
it, so this won't be threaded.  Sorry.

While reading a Debian mailing list today, one message was
scrambled.  It looked like it was probably rot13'ed so I tried to
do:  "shell-command-on-region [RET] rot13" only to realise I
didn't have such a command on my system (/usr/games is not in my
PATH for some reason).

So I tried rot13-other-window.  Boy was I surprised when _all_ my
buffers were rot13'ed (after I changed point into that window) !

I did "C-h f rot13-other-window" and it said:

 Display current buffer in rot 13 in another window.
 To terminate the rot13 display, delete that window.

So, yes, I agree with the poster:

 1- It says it will display the _current_ buffer, not all

 2- "To terminate the rot13 display, delete that window." didn't
     help me much.  I understood it to mean I had to delete
     rot13'ed windows, killing all buffers with them (I
     misassociated windows with buffers).  So I killed emacs,
     losing some buffers I didn't really want to in the process.

Having tested this again in another Emacs, I see that the other
buffers were only rot13'ed during the time I visited that other
window.  It's the window itself that is rot13'ed (or showing
rot13'ed characters), not the buffers it is displaying.

So... Don't change the function.  Change the docs!

Hope this helps.


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