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#autosave# files not saved in original character set

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: #autosave# files not saved in original character set
Date: 22 Jun 2001 16:33:24 +0800
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Is it a bug that the ~/#autosave# files are not saved in their original
character set, e.g., Chinese.  One has to officially write the file
before the character set becomes correct.

"It was a week after the crash that we finally recovered the files,
except for the Emacs autosaves which were apparently in a format OK
for ASCII only... making us wonder if the value of the original
"autosave" good intention is being upheld.  No, on the day of the
conference we didn't have the Emacs software to uncode the file, nor
were any of the staff prepared to operate said Emacs software.

We were assured by the Emacs gurus that this was no big deal,
all one had to do was restart emacs or something.  However we were
sent the disk pack for analysis and were tasked with getting the file to
the original user's supervisor waiting at the conference who was still
unable to use the file due to not being in the original character
format.  The original user was injured in the same disk explosion as
the disk itself was hence was unable to assist."
[genuine made up story by me. :-)]
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