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Re: debugging emacs

From: Adam Sulmicki
Subject: Re: debugging emacs
Date: 26 Jun 2001 16:43:02 GMT
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Adam <address@hidden> wrote:

:       I have attached sample debug session below. suggestions
:       how to get around this?

fwiw, the solution was to use "step" command to step out of the
library call, and once out of it you can use 'finish' to go around
the code.

anyway, I had been looking around the emacs code and as much as I hate
that I must admit I'm rather lost. I guess 18 years of cruft, plus mix of
pre-processor stuff, c and lisp did the trick. it feels more like
debugging a closed source binary thing I did in past.

Thus I was wondering if ppl could give me some pointers. Say I open two
emacs frames in X windows, and both show the same file. Then I use
mouse to highlight the text.

now I can press any key, and it will cause both frames to unhighlight the
text. [THIS is the code chain I look : from pressing a key until the
text gets unhighligted]

on similar token. if I open two frames, but on two different displays (via
"Open New Display), and highlight text in one, (just like in example above
except that two different displays are used). then pressing any key on the
original display will not result in text being unhighlited, in fact will
not result in any action. 

from looking over code I know the keystrokes are received and processed by
emacs, it just that they gets buffered, and will not result in unselecting
of text.


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