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File locking and movemail

From: Stein A. Strømme
Subject: File locking and movemail
Date: 02 Jul 2001 12:03:43 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.090004 (Oort Gnus v0.04) Emacs/21.0.102

Recently, I have been unable to fetch mail from an NSF-mountet file: I
get the message "movemail: No locks available for ... (1 return) ..."
This happens both with /var/mail/stromme and if I use procmail to put
the file somewhere else.

This is Emacs 21.102 and Oort gnus (current cvs) under SuSE 7.1.

Rmail gives the following message:

    Getting mail from /net/mail/stromme...
    movemail: No locks available for /net/mail/stromme

The problem started after our site upgraded from SuSE 7.0.  According
to our sysadmin, the old system for locking NFS files was not good and
had to go.  We are now using NFS 3 and Linux kernel 2.2.19 (with SuSE
7.1 patches).

Other mail software, e.g. pine, has no such problems.

I appreciate any hints.  For the moment I get by using POP to fetch
the mail, but it is not satisfactory.

Is there a chance that the Emacs "configure" program can pick up the
relevant information and compile movemail with the right options?  The
comment near the start of movemail.c (thanks Kai for pointing it out)
indicates that one needs to be precise.

Stein Arild Strømme  <http://www.mi.uib.no/~stromme>

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