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Info: no antidote to l?

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Info: no antidote to l?
Date: 02 Jul 2001 16:02:00 +0800
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In info I used the l command, say just once, but then wanted to get
back to the page I was just on.  As I forgot what info page I was just
on, I found that apparently I was out of luck?

[Assume my last node was far away and nothing a simple n etc. could get to.]

|File: info.info,  Node: Help-Adv
|Some advanced Info commands
|   The course is almost over, so please stick with it to the end.
|   If you have been moving around to different nodes and wish to
|retrace your steps, the `l' command (`l' for "last") will do that, one
|node-step at a time.  As you move from node to node, Info records the
|nodes where you have been in a special history list.  The `l' command
|revisits nodes in the history list; each successive `l' command moves
|one step back through the history.
|   If you have been following directions, ad `l' command now will get
spelling mistake                            ^
|you back to `Help-M'.  Another `l' command would undo the `u' and get
|you back to `Help-FOO'.  Another `l' would undo the `m' and get you
|back to `Help-M'.
|   >> Try typing three `l''s, pausing in between to see what each
|`l' does.
|   Then follow directions again and you will end up back here.

Ah ha, one must follow the directions in the tutorial to get back
here... otherwise there is no way to undo the effects of the l's?

No toggle back [one node at least], no menu of recently read nodes, no
undo... hurmmmm :-(
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