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Re: Info: no "forward" button provided [no antidote to 'l']

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: Info: no "forward" button provided [no antidote to 'l']
Date: 05 Jul 2001 02:52:04 +0800
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>> In info I used the l command, say just once, but then wanted to get
>> back to the page I was just on.  As I forgot what info page I was just
>> on, I found that apparently I was out of luck?

Eli> In addition to `i', which is always a good idea whenever you don't
Eli> know the name of the node, there are usually much easier methods.

Eli> Recall that `l' in the node A leads to the node B from where you went
Eli> to the node A.  Now, what are the ways you could go from B to A?  They
Eli> are:

Eli>   - type "m NODE-NAME RET"
Eli>   - type "g NODE-NAME RET"
Eli>   - type "f NODE-NAME RET"
Eli>   - go to a menu item and press RET
Eli>   - go to a cross-reference and press RET

Eli> Each one of these is easy to reproduce: the first 3 by typing the same
Eli> command and then using command history to find the name of the node
Eli> you typed last, the last two by typing RET as soon as `l' does its thing.

I think I'm talking about the case where one does
C-h i m g a w k return l
and then forgets that one was reading the gawk node and wants to get
back to where ever that was...

I think this might be the standard browser "forward" button feature.
It seems that Info lacks that, it only has "back".

Thank you for mentioning command-history-mode.  Indeed it does record
where I went in the above case, one can dig thru it if one insists,
however it isn't nearly as convenient as also proving a "forward" key,
and in the case of
C-h i m g a w k return n n n n l l l l l
apparently nowhere in emacs [except C-h l] is it stored anything about
my visit to the deeper nodes, and that if I wanted to get back there I
would have to do as your example, on each page look at the items
offered and try to remember which one I selected.  Whereas if this was
netscape, four clicks of "Forward" would get me back.

Also there should be a Info history list showing all nodes visited
this session... I think netscape does like that too...
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