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Re: movemail and file locking over NFS

From: Stein A. Strømme
Subject: Re: movemail and file locking over NFS
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 13:10:40 +0200
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[I wrote:]

| I'm unable to use emacs/movemail to get mail from an NFS-mounted mail
| spool directory.  ...


| In the meantime, is there any way that I can compile movemail so that
| it works with "dotlocking"?  I tried the various possiblities for 
| MOVE_FLAGS in lib-src/Makefile, with no success so far.

What does actually work is to *replace* the movemail binary with the
movemail from the xemacs distribution:


So: Xemacs can do it!  Emacs should too.

Thanks for listening (and for a wonderful product, but that goes
without saying).

Stein Arild Strømme  <http://www.mi.uib.no/~stromme>

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