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Re: CC Mode 5.27 (C); Syntax highlighting after parens in quotes

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: CC Mode 5.27 (C); Syntax highlighting after parens in quotes
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 07:47:47 GMT

mast@lysator.liu.se (Martin Stjernholm) writes:
> "Fred T. Krogh" <fkrogh@mathalacarte.com> wrote:
> > If I have parens. inside quotes and the line is continued using a
> > '\' at the end of the line, emacs seems to think following lines are
> > still inside quotes.
> > 
> > The following illustrates the problem.
> > 
> >     if (my_query("s#remind_num from XBREM where (user_id=#p#) && 
> > (remind_id=#vMA#) &&\
> > (remind_num < 64) && (down_case = #n)qzg") < 0) return my_exit; // Get 
> > current reminder status;
> >     if (my_exit) {
> > ...
> "Fred T. Krogh" <fkrogh@mathalacarte.com> clarified in a later mail:
> > It start coloring text the same color it uses for text that is
> > inside quotes.  Sorry I didn't make this clear.
> I've verified this in Emacs 20.7 and 21.0.100. Afaics, it's an issue
> either in the builtin syntax routines, or perhaps on a low level in
> font-lock.el. The C specific font lock settings only sets appropriate
> entries in the syntax tables for this, so it can hardly be the faulty
> part.

I'm a bit confused by this -- if you don't end the quote on the first
line, the following line _is_ still inside quotes, until the terminating
quote on the that line (or on some subsequent line if there isn't any
terminating quote there).

The latest version of emacs from CVS gets all this right, anyway...

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pinning you underneath.  At night the ice weasels come.  --Nietzsche

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